HT Flexseal 350

Flexseal 350 300ml.

HT Flexseal 350 offers the highest temperature rating of any Silicone Sealant / Adhesive offering a resilient flexible bond in high temperature environments for continuous operation up to 350°C. Having an excellent adhesion between most substrates, Fortafix Flexseal 350 is ideally suited for sealing, gap-filling and joining materials of different thermal expansion where high temperature and vibration are a problem. The flexseal 350 is only available in the color Red this is because it contains Aluminium oxide to elevate the temperature rating to 350°C.

Flexseal 300 80ml.

HT Flexseal 300 is a Temperature Rated Silicone Adhesive and Sealant used for applications where sealing or fixing of materials is required - to form a high heat resistant joint or bond. The flexseal 300 is available in the color of white or black. (80 ml tube)